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Home Of Ch. Miss Boots(3x), Ch. Felony(4x-1XL)POR, Ch. Lil Felony(3x), Ch. Frisco Boy(3x), Ch.Da Nigger(3x), Cannon(2x), Taboo(2x), Lil' Me-Me(1x), Twinn POR, Dotty Patch POR, Crow(1x)

Here at Do or Die Kennels we devoted to working dogs from these great Hunters And/or Producers:

1)Ch Do or Die's Felony(4X/1XL)POR - Pure Mayfield's Nigger
2)Gr Ch Tant's Yellow(6X) ROM
3)Gr Ch Beach Boy Billy's Spikey(5x) POR
4)Ch Carolina Kennel's Termite(4x) ROM
5)Ch Crenshaw's Jeep(4x) ROM
6)Ch Bakari's Tyrone(4x) POR
7)Ch Garner's Chinaman(4x) ROM

With these familys we have come to learn the meaning of FASTLANE! We breed these families pure and crossed into each other. Sometimes we have other outcross but rarely! Our goal is to produce dogs that any "True Dogman" Would be proud to work.

All Studs are open at Privite Treaty Year Around....Contact us for more info

Do or Die's Twinn POR - J.Carver's Night Train/Cates' Nigerino
Twinn is a Son to Sadnick's Tiger ROM. Twinn has only been bred a few times but now that he is the only male left out of that litter he'll be used more
Do or Die's Insane - Carver/Nigerino/Floyd/Frisco
Open to the World
Do or Die's Oh Shit - Jeep/Honeybunch
Producing Hot Pups
Do or Die's Havoc(1x OTC)- Alligator/Tonka/Red Baron/Chinaman
This dog is just Fire!! He has just started to be bred
Do or Die's Man Child - Hammonds/Panama Red
One of the purest Hammonds dogs alive!
Do or Die's Mr. Tyrone - Tyrone/Red Boy- Jocko
A very good dog!
Do or Die's Spike(1x) - Chinaman
A very hard Biting Dog!!

Our Females

All breedings we do for our yards or partners yards so we don't sell many pups or dogs occassionally we have some avaiable. WE ONLY SELL No MORE THAN 2 PUPS PER LITTER, BECAUSE AGAIN WE BREED FOR OUR OWN YARD!!

All deposits placed to hold pups are non-refundable. Deposits may however, be applied to another litter.* Our dogs are registered through the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) or Bon Fide Kennel Club (BFKC) or Sporting Dog Registry (SDR).

Most pups are $400*, which INCLUDES health certificate.*Price may vary, however it will be indicated next to the respective breeding.

Price for shipping may vary slightly depending on age, weight and destination. Shipping: Please be aware of the shipping regulations during inclement weather.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it!"

Our Breedings Planned & Present

PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES!!!!!! Or if you would like to talk dogs!!

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No Dogs are Bred, Sold or intended for any illegal purposes, however, they are bred for performance, conformation and Gameness.

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